Our research group currently belongs to Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology (FIRST), Institute of Innovative Research (IIR) in Tokyo Institute of Technology. The group is organized by Prof. Noboru Ishihara, Prof. Katsuyuki Machida, Associate Prof. Hiroyuki Ito, Assistant Prof. Daisuke Yamane and staffs in FIRST, and students. We promote Solutions Research that is defined as a research to set up solutions needed by the society and to achieve the solutions by investing the wisdom of the university. To put it simply, it can be considered as an exit-oriented research. Actually, to clarify what the solution in the university is can also be one of the solutions itself. We still have a long way before bringing together the wisdom of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and we are now in the process with the great assistance and the wide-range-of knowledge of professors in the university.

For postgraduate study applicants

Up until now, integrated circuit has brought revolution to the industry and society in for being advantageous not only in cost reduction, but also in performances such as high speed, highly integrated, and low power consumption in pursuit of what is called miniaturization. It is said that number of processors per person is over 100, and number of transistors such as FET in integrated is said to be roughly 3 billion transistors per person. Because of that, transistor is the most widely used human creation on earth. Our life depends so much on transistor, especially MOSFET because it is scalable. As it is miniaturized, the performance and production cost can be improved (scalability) and these are important in technologically and economically. And even from now on, integrated circuit will also be widely used in human society. In recent years, although preceded by words, Green Technology is introduced to promote environment-conscious technology, eco-friendly and so forth for better developed society by utilizing the leading technology. Integrated circuit is the core element in technological field and considered as one of the most important fields in the most advanced science and technology*. We are still waiting for the significant change. With the unfavorable economy situation recently, there is a lot of opportunity to fly high if you have challenge spirits and free thinking. To those who are planning to pursue study in graduate school, not only you have to study and do research in MSc or PhD level, but we would also like you to have the spirit to face any challenges. Meanwhile, in our laboratory, the doctoral students as well as students scheduled to proceed to doctoral degree are employed as RA (Research Assistant), as an active support as a fellow of the JSPS scholarship to build a system that can concentrate on study and research. Aim high and join our group, then fly to the world. *”The most widely used artificial thing that exist on earth is the transistor” is pointed out by Amakawa Shouhei (currently teaching in Hiroshima University)

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