@Integration with diverse functionalities technology

network cloud imageOur life depends on infrastructure network such as electricity, gas, and water, which then developed into communication network such as the internet, land phones and mobile phones to make us live comfortably in a secure and convenient life. In gNetwork Cloudh, it shows how we run our daily life with the connections between human and everything around us.
The development of silicon integrated circuits and its system has been driven by high functionality and high performance from miniaturization and this development has played an important role in charge of information communication networks, sensing, and energy distribution in Network Cloud. Today, researchers are working on a new device (beyond CMOS) in accordance to the minimum feature size of CMOS device (5nm), development focused on the CMOS integration (Miniaturization, known as More Moore by ITRS Roadmap) and novel physical phenomena.
Meanwhile, in order to improve functionality, not only in a limited sense of information processing, but there is also direction for high functionality by integration in between communication function and sensing function. It is not a mere miniaturization with high performance; it is an axis of a new technology called gHigh functionality in integration of diverse functionalitiesh. In ITRS roadmap, it is called gIntegration with diverse functionalitiesh or gMore than Mooreh; different from miniaturization axis. Nowadays, there are competitive researches on development to produce technology with integration with diverse functionalities, for example by integrating RF chips and integrated chip parts for communications, integrated circuit sensor detection, actuators/integrated circuits, silicon photonics from integration of silicon CMOS technology and optical technology, integration in bio R&D and so forth. These are not something that can easily be created by simply combining existing technology, but should be done academically and scientifically for respective fields. Our laboratory acts as a collaboration platform for researchers from various academic fields to develop multifunction integrated chip on wafer provided by shuttle service, and through the research and development in multi-physics device (multifunction device/chip) used in Network Cloud, we aim to construct a new academic field for gScience and engineering of multi-physics deviceh.
The research on gIntegration with diverse functionalities technologyh is performed by collaboration between different fields of teachers and researchers off campus. In this group, our research focus on circuit technique such as those related with information transmission, platform and interface technology.

@RF CMOS integrated circuit

Keyword(s): Reconfigurable RF, Scalable RF, MEMS-Enhanced RF

With eone cellphone per personf situation, it is predicted that everything will have their own communication functions. If it is to be fulfilled in an object, naturally it will be equipped with built-in sensor, and therefore circuit technique with lower power consumption, smaller size, and power supply that does not rely too much on battery life has become necessary.

RF circuits In high frequency integrated circuits for communication, CMOS has high performance in accordance with technology scaling, but its operating voltage decreases with scaling. This is due to the reduced drain breakdown voltage and dielectric breakdown voltage, but this low voltage operation that determines the consumption power from power charging and discharging of the load capacity shows a positive effect in the digital CMOS integrated circuit. However, in analog circuit, it is directly linked to the difficulty to secure the dynamic range. Previously, passive components such as inductors and capacitors have been used in narrowband circuit, and the size of these components are determined by frequency used, therefore size of analog circuit on CMOS chip is very much affected. nH order inductor usually need more than 100m square, but by using advance CMOS process and embedded processor, 200m square inductor can be achieved. Since digital circuit cannot be mounted below the inductor, it consumes a comparatively large area on chip. Thus, passive components cannot be reduced in area in accordance with CMOS technology scaling in RF CMOS integrated circuit, and as a result we face a problem where it has no advantage in cost reduction benefits in miniaturization. Furthermore, reconfigurable circuit technique to accommodate cognitive communication technology has become necessary to support multiple wireless standards. In this study, we are developing circuit technique which only consists of MOSFET (active component), and yet, it is a wideband operational Scalable RF CMOS circuit. eScalablef here means as the utilized CMOS technology generation progressed, the circuit also shows improvement in size consumption, as well as its performance. One of RF CMOS circuit direction is SoC with digital circuit. In effort to SoC, it is important to secure the scalability in analog CMOS circuit and RF CMOS circuit.

RF circuits Besides, it is said that the only successful business in integrated circuit up until now is in the mass production of small kind of memory and MPU. The fact that miniaturization of integrated circuit are facing many challenges means that there is a change of perspective on the direction of development which is good. Disruptive innovation suggests an interesting idea. Instead of following the high-end market demand, gdrop performanceh and try to develop a new low-end market is a theory that proves that actually a sustainable technology can destroy high-end market imperceptibly. As an engineer, gdropping performanceh is an uncomfortable part of it, but in CMOS technology development, rather than using advance CMOS, trying to practically use mature CMOS technology and this disruptive innovation might be able to produce integration with diverse functionalities. Integrations such as of MEMS and CMOS, CMOS and packaging technologies are considered to be an interesting exit. gMEMS-Enhanced RF Circuith group is doing research development and aims to improve RF circuit performance by using MEMS technology significantly.

@High speed transmission technology

Keyword(s): On-chip transmission line, High efficiency signal transmission, High frequency measurement technology, De-embedding technique (up to 110GHz)

In recent years, multicore processor equipped with multiple CPU on a chip for high-end processor has become the mainstream. In addition, reports on Network on Chip which consists of network between dozens of CPUs on a chip have been presented in conferences. One of the challenges in this high-end digital integrated circuit is that the interconnection among and within chips limits the performance of the entire system. For instance, to improve the bandwidth and latency of the on-chip bus/on-chip network, number of buffer (repeater) will increase and hence, it will consume more power.
This group is doing research on how to improve bandwidth and latency of on-chip interconnection, together with energy efficiency for high-speed signal transmission circuit. It is not as simple as just using CMOS inverter for buffering like digital circuit; we also have to consider the electromagnetic and electrical characteristics of the interconnection besides the analog behavior of the signal. With analog circuit and RF application in in-chip bus/on-chip network, we are developing methods on how improve channel energy efficiency and its effective bandwidth. Specifically, we pursue research on De-embedding technology to eliminate the unnecessary parasitic elements component from measurement results of on-chip transmission interconnection technology, high-efficiency small area equalization technology, high speed and low power MUX / DEMUX circuitry that utilized the inductance component in interconnection.

TL circuits

@Multifunctional platformEinterface technology

Keyword(s)FMicroelectromechanical System (MEMS), Fushion techniqueCShuttle service

Integration with diverse functionalities

@Green ICE Initiative Project

To sustain development of society and industry as well as avoid global warming, we need to find way for Green (low calorie consumption, low environmental impact), Dependable (high performance, high reliability, high safety), ECO (eco-friendly) society Neural Networks (Information Network System) and social vascular network (the energy network system, transportation system). Through this, advancement and high reliability of the society and the whole industry is aimed to be well-balanced with energy-saving, CO2 control and ECO. We breakthrough the obstructed economic situation to create a sustainable advanced information and energy-oriented society, and with joint effort between industry and academia, we try to achieve significant research findings that will contribute to new industries.

@Experimental equipment

Network analyzer
EAgilent, E8361A & N5260A & N5260-60003/60004, 10M-110GHz
EAgilent, N5245A, 10M-50GHz, 4port
EAgilent, E8364B & N4421B, 10M-50GHz, 4port
EAgilent, E5071C, 100k-8.5GHz, 4port
EAgilent, 8720ES, 50M-20GHz

Signal generator
EAgilent, E8257D, 250k-67GHz
EAnritsu, MG3700A, 250k-6GHz
EAgilent, E4438C, 250k-6G
EAnritsu, MG3700A, 250k-6G

Spectrum analyzer
EAgilent, E4448A, 3-50GHz
EAgilent, 8563EC, 9k-26.5GHz

Vector signal analyzer
EAgilent, 89600S, DC-6GHz

Signal source analyzer
EAgilent, E5052B & E5053A, 10M-26GHz
EAgilent, E5052A, 10M-7GHz

Noise figure analyzer
EAgilent, N8975A

Bit-error-rate test system
EAgilent, Pulse pattern generator, E8403A & E8491B & E4808A & E4861A x8 & E4868B, `40Gbps
EAgilent, Error detector, E8403A & E8491B & E4808A & E4861A x8 & E4869B, `40Gbps
EAnritsu, Signal Quality Analyzer, MP1800A x2, 0.1-25Gbps
EAnritsu, Pulse pattern generator, MP1761A x2, 50M-12.5Gbps
EAnritsu, Error detector, MP1762A, 50M-12.5Gbps

Sampling oscilloscope
ELecroy, SDA100G & SE-100 x2, `100GHz
EAgilent, 86100C & 86117A & 86107A, `50GHz

Semiconductor parameter analyzer
EAgilent, E5270B & E5287A x4 & E5281B x4
EAgilent, E5270B & E5281B x8
EAgilent, E5270A & E5281A x8

RF prober station x 4

Substrate manufacturing equipment
EMITS, FPZ-31ATHP model 60

Computing machineries
EComputer server x 10 (CPU 3GHz x 4 core, 48GB memory), file server etc
ECadenceEMentorESynopsys Tools, HFSS, GoldenGate, MATLAB, Coventor Ware etc

equipments equipments equipments equipments